Sabine Kunze

Management SAP & IT Consulting

Sabine Kunze gained her professional experience working on a number of different IT implementation projects over many years. She has detailed knowledge of logistic processes across a range of various industries, especially in the retail and telecommunications markets. Her integrative expertise of logistics and accounting is particularly noteworthy. Ms. Kunze’s focus is on consulting services for project management, especially SAP ERP projects, and for logistics. Before co-founding PROSOL IT, Ms. Kunze worked as a consultant for KPMG.


e-mail: sabine.kunze(via)

Jerôme Hübsch

Management Business-Consulting

PMP (Project Management Professional)

Jerôme Hübsch has over 20 years of consulting experience. His special focus are project management and process optimization, as well as SAP ERP. Mr. Hübsch has been involved with a wide variety of projects ranging from small and medium-sized to large-scale enterprises, thereby extending his professional competencies. Before co-founding PROSOL IT, Mr. Hübsch worked as a consultant for the consultancy KPMG.


e-mail: jerome.huebsch(via)

Volker Hollenbach

Management Finance

Before joining PROSOL, Volker Hollenbach has been in executive positions for 8 years. He has detailled knowledge of accounting and controlling business processes in diverse industries such as telecommunications and the producing sector. Mr Hollenbach's focus is group consolidation, project management, SAP ERP projects as well as consulting services for accounting and controlling, group consolidation and invoice processing / billing.


e-mail: volker.hollenbach(via)

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