PROSOL was founded in 1995 by Jerôme Hübsch and Sabine Kunze. Both founders gained experience working for a renowned consultancy, which they could thoroughly rely on in establishing their own consulting firm. Their experiences and competencies enabled them to develop a clear notion of how to cater to the needs of their clients more precisely, more pragmatically and in a more committed manner.

Business Philosophy

As an internationally active consulting firm, PROSOL is working with the market leaders of today and tomorrow. Knowledge transfer is the foundation of successful projects and long-term partnerships.

PROSOL is strictly following the principle of involving its clients in the realization of a project as intensely and constructively as each individual client wishes


State-of-the-art IT solutions require interaction of the most diverse products, specialists and partners.
Effective cooperation in partner networks, in contrast to the separate efforts among individual companies, is a key attribute of high-performing and successful companies of the future. We work closely together with leading partners for products, technologies and services. This kind of network ensures that we are able to maximize our performance potential and, consequently, the “return on investment” of our clients.

Team Members

PROSOL’s responsibility to our clients demands that our employees be diligent and conscientious on the one hand, but creative and energetic on the other. We understand our work as an ongoing process of learning and development. Our professional environment is constantly changing and new technologies require the continual enhancement of our knowledge.
At the same time, our consultants have to adapt to new clients and situations over and over again. Besides the expertise of our team members, a high level of soft skills such as social competence and motivation constitute our biggest assets. That is why we continually challenge our consultants in building up their professional
know-how, and also support them in their personal development within the context of targeted training.

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