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Design and implementation of the new Cards Management System
Realization of an in-house development based on SAP R/3 in the business unit “Cards” for the processing of bank cards

The following tasks were performed by PROSOL team members:

  • Recording of departmental requirements towards the new CM system (Cards Management System)
  • Structuring of requirements and compilation of a DP-oriented specification including data and functional modelling
  • Design of the processing of the target processes in the new system
  • Differentiation from SAP standard
  • Design of maintenance functionalities and workflow
  • Responsibility for the development of the new product management
  • Recording of requirements for invoices towards the CMS
  • Implementation of the key management
  • Interface description for safety evaluation, PIN printing, evidence centre etc.
  • Realization of functional and technical requirements and realization documentation for the interface program

The following software was implemented: SAP R/3 Release 4.7 (MM, SD, FI, CO)

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