Success Story VI:

Support of Department

Support with the design and implementation of an in-house development based on SAP representing production control from order taking to the billing of debit cards (CMS Cards Management System).


The processing of mass data from order taking to billing via several interfaces to external partners has to be largely automated. Of key importance are the master data, for which separate and complex maintenance dialogues have been developed. Since highly sensitive data such as PIN numbers for bank cards are involved, the developed application has to undergo intensive testing.

Course of action

  • Recording of departmental requirements towards the new CM system, design of the processing of the target processes in the new system and differentiation from SAP standard
  • Structuring of requirements and compilation of a DP-oriented specification including data and functional modelling
  • Responsibility for the development of the new product management process, including the design of maintenance functionalities and workflow
  • Development of the maintenance dialogues for the CMS customer master data
  • Responsibility for the setup, planning and control of the user documentation and authorizations
  • Quality Assurance for process descriptions
  • Test management and conducting user tests

Business value delivered

Harmonized processes, implemented and tested product management, planning for the user documentation and authorizations provided.

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