Success Story III:

Interim Management

Interim IT management for a greenfield implementation at an LNG terminal in Spain.
Software implementation with the necessary interfaces to the client and the gas owner as well as data centre setup, including the required hardware.


To manage the project between 3 entities - the end customer (facility operator), the consultancy (software and hardware implementation), and the gas engineering company (responsible for the setup of the facility)

Course of action

  • Project management, overall responsibility for quality, schedule and budget of the entire IT project
  • Recording of  the purchasing and maintenance processes as well as the requirements for  accounting and controlling
  • Recording of the requirements for the setup of ”GAS-Balances” as well as for the “vessels and trucks loading and unloading”
  • Implementation and testing of the applications followed by customer acceptance
  • Recording of master data and maintenance data in lists, migration to SAP
  • Go-Live of the applications

Business value delivered

Successful software and hardware implementation within given time frame and budget, despite enormous internal tension at the end customer, well before the setup of the facility was completed. Loading of all master data from data entry sheets.

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