Success Story I:

Business Process Reengineering

BPR ( Business Process Reengineering) project in sales, purchasing, service processing and Warehouse Management, including software selection.


The outdated software landscape had to be replaced with standard software that could directly run the target processes. Project objectives were 30 per cent cost savings and an amortization after 1.5 years.

Course of action

  • Recording of current processes and design of target processes in workshops
  • Identification and quantification of optimization profits in the organization (quick wins) and in the redesign of the IT landscape
  • Breakdown of target processes into individual functions and evaluation of each function for the degree of coverage by and implementation costs of the software in interviews with the software producer
  • Selection of the most optimal software using evaluation tables and diagrams; creation of project plans and calculation of the budget for deployment
  • Calculation of amortization  

Business value delivered

The SAP R/3 software was rated as most optimal for the implementation of the processes and the realization of the improvements. 6 % cost savings could be rendered by quick wins, another 23 % as a result of the new software solutions. The investments had a projected amortization of 1.7 years.

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